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08 agosto 2010

Cowboy up!

Ready to ride? O diário ‘The Denver Post’ vai ser o anfitrião da ‘SND Annual Workshop and Exhibition 2010’ que vai juntar na capital do Colorado (Estados Unidos), de 23 a 25 de Setembro, jornalistas visuais de todo o mundo.

O programa do evento prevê comunicações sobre design, fotografia, infografia, multimédia e publicação em múltiplas plataformas. No final serão entregues os prémios da ‘SND Annual Creative Competition’, as mais importantes distinções em design jornalístico do mundo.

A SND - Society for News Design é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que conta com mais de 2 500 afiliados, entre profissionais de design e jornalistas.

Graphic Arts

Free (and fabulous) software online
Feeling poor? There is myriad free software available online for generating visualizations for all sorts of data types: GIS maps, graphs, flow charts, timelines, slideshows, animations, collages and more. Also, there is open-source software that will help you do layout, design, draw, manipulate photos, edit movies and more. In this session Karl will give you a general overview of the capabilities of each (he has at least four GIS sites alone!), and when he’s through, you and the other attendees are welcome to share any free software you like to use.
Karl Gude
Michigan State University

Same old story: 42 different approaches
Some news is once-in-a-lifetime. Some news keeps you up at night. But then there’s some news that goes on forever. How do you stay fresh on a story that’s getting stale? We look at H1N1 graphics from around the world, and the varied approaches news organizations employed to inform, educate and disgust their readers. Think you can’t do one more original swine flu graphic? Think again. Show up with an open mind, ready to brainstorm. We’ll steal ideas from publications worldwide and use them to help break the creative block next time you’re faced with a news story that just won’t die.
Sarah Slobin
The Wall Street Journal

What’s old is new again
In the publishing world, the same stories and topics show up every year, every month, every week. This session will explain how to generate new illustrative and design ideas when faced with content you’ve seen before. You’ll learn techniques and approaches on how to illustrate the story, regardless of the topic, to conquer the ‘Oh-my-God-not-this-again!’ blues.
Jeff Neumann
The Denver Post

Effective interactive graphics: How much is too much?
Now that many newspapers have gone to a 24-hour news model, everyone is shouting: “Get it online and make it interactive!” In this data-rich environment, the roles of editors and storytellers are more important than ever. Learn out how to filter the flood of information so that you create smart graphics that are tailored to your online audience. This session will teach you how to prevent information overload and create relevant, accessible interactive experiences that engage your readers. We’ll look at trends in multimedia and data-driven storytelling and find out how you can apply them to your work.
Kat Downs
The Washington Post

Telling compelling stories with data
We live in a data-driven world, where effective graphics are key to the delivery of information. When a graphical piece of information is done right, you can’t tell that there is design behind it – information flows to the viewer clearly and efficiently.
Dona Wong

Graphics without words
Imagine creating a graphic so incredible, no words or labels were needed to explain it; imagery so revealing and telling, that it left you speechless. If any creative staff has come close to achieving this, National Geographic has that staff. This session will show you how National Geographic researchs and re-creates actual models of living creatures from millions of years ago, as well as historical paintings and reconstructions with enormous amounts of information embedded in them. It’s whole different type of informational graphic. A must-see!
Juan Velasco
National Geographic

I interact, therefore I am
Our interactions with the physical world help us gain experience, learn and think. In fact, physical interaction is tied up with many of our cognitive tasks. Thus it’s important to consider what qualities will make your interactive graphics successful. In this session, we’ll discuss how to give your audience an enjoyable and meaningful user experience through effective interactive design. We’ll look at the importance of mental models, how to design an ideal user interface, and strategies for understanding your audience’s goals.
Connie Malamed
Connie Malamed Consulting

Designers who now do the graphics
Here are the essential tools you need to survive in a one-person graphics department. You’ll get the tips on how to create effective illustrations and graphics on demand – even if you’re a designer caught doing graphics!
Melissa Angle
Atlanta Journal-Consitution

Data visualization: Good or bad?
There’s a mountain of data available and everyone is trying to make sense of it. Consequently, data visualization is the fastest-growing trend in infographics. What works and what doesn’t?
John Grimwade
Condé Nast Traveler magazine

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